New Album for 2016!

"Hi Folks, thank you so much for all of the support on the Kickstarter Project to record my new album, Clarity.  We ended up reaching 108% of our goal!  I'm looking to create a beautiful, meditative solo guitar album with the purpose of bringing peace and joy to the listener."


Fall 2015 Tour!

Mark will be making tours to the Northeast and Florida this Fall with some regional dates in the Carolinas as well. Be sure to check the tour page for details!

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Mark's Newest Videos

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Mark Plays "Dueling Banjos"

How Mark Plays

Mark is currently working on a new series of videos demonstrating how he plays the guitar.  Videos will cover everything from basic techniques to breaking down some of his songs.  These videos are designed for guitarists and non-guitarists alike and will be available soon on his YouTube Channel.
Header Image Courtesy of Angela Romano, Logo Sketch Courtesy of Drew Arata