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Online Benefit Concert for the Wagner Family


This is an online benefit concert for my friend Sam’s family. It will be live on my homepage. The Go Fund Me for donating is at https://bit.ly/3kpNOch

Sam’s family is going through a really rough time right now; His dad (William / Willie) had a brain surgery in July to remove a tumor - the surgery was successful, but in the days following, he suffered a stroke on the right side of his brain. He has been mostly unresponsive since, and their insurance company is refusing to pay for rehabilitation or for the hospice room, which is adding up at an alarming rate.

While the concert is free, I would ask that you please please please consider making a contribution, even if you can't attend the concert.

Sam is one of my best friends in the world. We met in college, we were room mates, he used to go on tours with my old band and we’ve caused all kinds of trouble together. Not only that, but I’m very close with his family. I stayed with them many times passing through Ohio when I was getting my career off the ground. They are such a loving crew, and I can't think of a more close-knit family. The Wagners are some of the best people I know, and I’d ask for you to give to this cause as if I were asking for my own family.

Thank you all, love you all, and see you on Wednesday,



Mark Kroos Minnesota Quarantine Concert at 7 PM Central Time

Event is free / by donation on YouTube at the following URL: https://youtu.be/Y6aJn3O0sFc

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