The Vocal Album has Arrived!

Folks, I'm very excited to announce that the debut album for my new project, 
mark kroos and the forest floor is now available across all streaming platforms! Choose where you would like to listen here.

If you prefer a physical copy of the CD, you can also get your signed copy in the Online Store along with new T-shirts, Pick Packs and Capos!

I LOVE these songs. They are raw and vulnerable and represent me as an artist more than anything I've ever released. It's an absolute honor to share this project with you. Thank you for your support and for listening.



Partnership with Rood Guitars
Mark recently began working with a very talented luthier named Bryon Rood of Rood Guitars. This is the guitar that Mark has been using in most of his recent TikTok videos. Be sure to follow Rood Guitars on Instagram (@roodguitars) and Facebook.



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