Mark's Guitars, Strings and Accessories

Rood Guitars

Mark recently partnered with Rood Guitars, founded by master luthier Bryon Rood in Montrose, PA. Mark plays's Bryon's "Soniferous" Electric model as well as a Jumbo Fan Fret Baritone Acoustic

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Ovation Guitars

Mark loves Ovation Guitars for their superb playability, phenomenal electronics and ease of use on stage.
Mark plays the CSD 225 double neck and the Folklore LX single neck models


D'Addario Strings

Mark has played D'Addario Strings since about the age of 14 for their tone and longevity.
Acoustic - XT (or XS) Phosphor Bronze, 12-56 on the double neck, 13-56 on the single neck
Electric - NYXL 10-46


Kyser Capos

Mark loves the trigger design of the original Kyser capo, perfect for live performance and making for quick changes between songs. Our online store carries Mark's Artist Signature Kyser, which boasts a considerably lighter spring for low action guitars.