April 14th Quarantine Concert

Hi Folks, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, I'll be performing a few live stream virtual concerts. The first one was April 14th and you should be able to enjoy it right here on the homepage or directly on youtube. For updates on future virtual concerts, please sign up for the mailing list (waaay below on the right). See you at the next one!  Love, Mark

These concerts are and will continue to be completely free events; donations are welcome and appreciated but there is absolutely no obligation. If you wish to contribute for any concerts or if you just enjoy Mark's music and wish to support, you can do so via paypal.me/markkroos, venmo @markkroos or use the button below. Thank you so much!

New Album Available!

Find Lose the Shoes anywhere you listen to music: Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play and many other platforms. If you prefer, you can pick up a physical copy in the online store!

Lose the Shoes includes Mark's arrangements of Come Together, Linus & Lucy, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and other fan favorites!

Feel free to listen to the album below using Spotify Play. You will need an account, but it's free to create one - enjoy!

Come Together

Check out Mark's take on this Beatles classic and be sure to follow him on youtubeCome Together is the second track of the new album and more corresponding videos are on the way!