Upcoming Vocal Album 
In late 2017 I put together a collection of songs I had written (singin' songs with lyrics and everything) and set off to record my first full band vocal album. We got the drums recorded in Richmond, VA with my friends Ammon Young and Sam Bennett, I recorded the bass parts...then went on tour...came back and recorded the guitar parts...went on another tour...covid hit, spiral of depression, existential crisis, dark night of the soul, etc...lots of self development and growth...and now it's done.   

I LOVE these songs. They are raw and vulnerable and represent me as an artist more than anything I've ever released, and I think that's part of the reason this project has taken so long to finish. Sometimes it's the things we really really want to do that we push back against and resist.

The album will be released everywhere in February of 2024, but you can get it early! We've started a fundraiser for the new project in the online store. Now through December 10th, you can pre-order the new album as part of the fundraiser and receive it by Christmas! 


Partnership with Rood Guitars
Mark recently began working with a very talented luthier named Bryon Rood of Rood Guitars. This is the guitar that Mark has been using in most of his recent TikTok videos. Be sure to follow Rood Guitars on Instagram (@roodguitars) and Facebook.



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