Come Together… Is there a better Beatles song?

Come Together…Is there a better Beatles song?
We could debate all day about their best tune, but this is the one for me.
I think I heard this song for the first time in the 6th grade. It was before I had started playing guitar but I was getting into music, trying to play the piano (poorly).
But it was like nothing I had ever heard before, and really my first experience with any kind of rock music that I actually liked - some of my friends were into Nirvana…and I dunno…11 year old me didn’t get the grunge thing haha (I like Nirvana now though).
I think it’s the chorus of this tune…yeah, that’s what it is, THAT’S what got me. Simple, powerful, and so very original. Didn’t know it at the time, but the chord structure is very unique - simple, but unique (GET READY FOR BORING MUSIC TALK!):
You see… for most of the song, we’re playing in the key of D minor - kind of somber, edgy.
And then only for the chorus, we go to the key of D Major (usually “happy”), but we don’t start on a D Major chord. We start on a Bm, so it just ends up being ridiculously powerful!
And (imo) that’s what makes this song so original. Musicians, let me know if you can think of another tune that follows that harmonic sequence - I can’t think of any.
I almost feel like if another song where to use those cords, it would just sound like they are ripping off “Come Together.”
If you read through that, and it sounded like Greek, that’s ok. Just know that a lot of songs use the same chords. Maybe you’ve heard that “you can play any song with just 4 chords…” and it’s true in most cases!
You can’t “own” a chord progression. There just aren’t enough combinations to lock something like that down.
BUT when you get a truly creative chordal sequence like this, it becomes so incredibly characteristic to the song.
So I love this tune. I love the way it influenced my musicianship, inspired me as a kid and challenged me as a guitar player.
And I should add, regardless of how you like my cover of it…I don’t think there’s another song in the world with more AMAZING covers than this one: Aerosmith, Gary Clark Jr, Joe Cocker - my pal Trevor Gordon Hall also has a stellar guitar arrangement of this tune.
I also want to add that my beautiful wife Lenoria did everything on this video: directing, filming and editing. Super proud of her.
Love y’all, thanks for listening.