Where should I tour this year?

Where should I tour this year?
I’m off the road until April when I hit the Midwest so that I have time to finish some projects and write a new show, but at that point just about anywhere is fair game and I’m open to ideas! Churches, Venues, Festivals, Libraries (yes, libraries!)…even the occasional house concert.
This is always the exciting part for me...second maybe to actually playing the concerts…
I love figuring out where I want to go! At this point I’ve seen most of the US…but that’s not really what it’s about.
It’s about choosing the adventure…and the decision to choose to GO on an adventure in the first place!
Making the decision to go on tour…I’ll be honest, it has a bit more weight for me than it did before the pandemic. Gas is up…a lot of my network has moved to other fields…Florida is really far away from everywhere haha…it’s still amazing, but it’s tougher than it was in 2019.
But on any adventure, on any journey, you’re going to GROW. And that growth is invaluable.
You learn things about yourself, you face challenges; you try, you fail sometimes; you succeed sometimes.
And you don’t come back the same.
Choose the Journey, Friends.
Choose Adventure.
Love y’all,