Demonstration Video of Come Together

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Y'all...thanks so much for the love on "Come Together!"
This is a quick demonstration video of how I play some of the parts. Let me know if y'all find it interesting or not - you won't hurt my feelings. I know that a lot of you are guitarists...but a lot of you aren't!
I spent the 10 years of my career prior to the pandemic playing for primarily non-guitarists (lots of church concerts), and I've always felt that it's important to...I guess make this stuff accessible to people, ya know? Because it looks so flashy...and it's not that it isn't difficult. I just feel like when we break things down they become more relatable...
Haha and that can be a lovely analogy to how when we take the time to understand one another, notice and appreciate each others' differences instead of jumping to judgements and conclusions, the world becomes a much more beautiful place.
So many great life lessons in the guitar...
Love y'all