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As we get things up and running again, I figured I would start putting some of my social media posts directly on the site - and it turns out that Nora already began a fantastic tour journal a few years ago, we had just never published it. So feel free to look those over, explore some of our travels that maybe we were too sleepy to share at the time :-) Enjoy!

Figuring it Out

From March 3rd, 2022

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. Today I turn 36, and given the events of the past couple of years, I would venture to guess that most of us are not where…

A Concert for my Wife

From September 10th, 2021

Last night I played guitar for Nora. Over the past couple of weeks I put together a new show. If you’ve ever seen me in concert, you know that the speaking and audience engagement in between…

Small Operations

From August 24th, 2021

Hey Folks, today we’re going to dive a little further into how the sausage gets made! Vulnerability with Mark. Thanks so much for all of your support for my return post last week. I’m still moving…

Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park

September 26th - 30th, 2018 Conrad and Billings, MT

Sometimes our tour routing takes us right through some of the most amazing places. In between our shows in Conrad and Billings, MT, we got to explore Glacier National Park…

SOWERs, Goats, Waterfalls and Theaters Oh My!

September 17th - 22nd, 2018 Turner, OR

We played for the SOWERs (Servants on Wheels Ever Ready) this weekend - they are a wonderful christian couples RV ministry and are filled with love and purpose like no one we've…

Festival + Church + Studio Gear = A Great Weekend!

August 18th and 19th, 2018 Tacoma and Olalla, WA

We had a blast at the Olalla Americana Music Festival! This was the first time someone has ever sketched Mark during a performance (that we know of). :-)  We also…

Mountains, Planes and Double Neck Guitars

August 6th - August 12th, 2018 Washington and Idaho

It's been a busy week with shows in Richland, Winlock and Randle, WA - plus an encore visit back to Weiser, ID!  We just can't get enough of this place…

Back Country Bash and Mark in a Suit!

August 4th and 5th, 2018 Joseph and Enterprise, OR

We LOVE it here! What a gem of a place in the country of Oregon.  We had an absolute blast playing the Back Country Bash in Joseph with some great…

8 Shows in 8 Days!

July 24th - July 31st Sisters, Sunriver, Myrtle Creek, Bend, Corvallis, Arlington and The Dalles, OR

We had a great time touring Oregon this last week of July - many libraries, the Myrtle Creek Festival and one of our…

Nora Runs Sound!

July 22nd, 2018  Portland, OR

I ran sound last night and no one left! least not because of me - haha! 

Fremont UMC was a very supportive audience. :-) 



Washington - Sharks, Concerts and Sites!

July 7th - July 11th 2018 - Port Angeles, Lacey and Tacoma, WA

We will always remember Washington as being the first time Mark ever signed a shark.  Milestone created. :-) 

We had a great house concert in…