Nora’s Tune…if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s out wherever you listen!

Nora’s Tune…if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s out wherever you listen!

It’s fitting that this song should be released on the 10 year anniversary of the night that we met - I actually didn’t even plan it that way…

Over the years we’ve told the story countless times as folks have asked. It’s about time we get it on the ol’ Facebook; set the record straight so it’s official…

It was 2013 and I’d been on tour for about 2 months at that point. I played a really fun show on the 27th at a bar called the “Daiquiri Shack” in Madeira Beach, and Kenny, the promoter asked if I’d come open for his band in the same venue the following night.

And I almost said no. Again, I had been on the road for 2 months, I was tired and I finally had a night off…but the Thursday show had been really fun and I went with it.

So that next night, I’m up there doing my thing with my silly guitar and I see this very attractive girl eyeing me.

And that’s cool - but it was weird…cause she was with a dude!

I’m playing and I’m asking myself, “what’s the story here?”

When I walk off the stage, she’s still giving me the eye, so I come over and introduce myself and she says “Hi, I’m Lenoria and that’s my brother.”

Ok, that made sense

And there was an instant connection. And we had a great time that night. We danced, we both spilled our drinks, we laughed. We went on a date the next day at one of the beach front restaurants. I ordered alligator.

Rewind 3 months (usually I book my tours about 3 months out). I could not get dates confirmed for the 2 weeks after I would meet Nora. Nobody wanted to have me between Florida and Texas.

So Lenoria and I got to date for 2 weeks while I was stuck on vacation in Florida. And we were smitten for each other.

I had to finish the tour, so our relationship was mostly long distance for a bit, but long story short, I came back in 4 months and married her.

Best decision of my life.

Check out the tune when you get a chance…Nora says it’s a good one, but she might be biased.

Love y’all